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Welcome and thanks for stopping by With Love, Katie! I use this website as a source for my open letters on life, love, and to chronicle my journey in figuring it all out. I also share articles I find interesting, photos I find funny, and just anything that I think you might want to see! You can go to my About section to find out more about the woman behind the letters. And you can look at my Hair Services section to learn about my passion of doing hair (which is why you see hair products as the background to this blog) and how you can book my services! :)

Since I’m assuming this is your first time here, let me give you some featured posts to get started with! From Poverty to Too Much to Not Enough was a post I published about my life-long struggle with money. From poverty as a kid to finding security in having things to finally learning to just be secure in who I am, this post was one of my favorites to write and is a good introduction to how a lot of my more intimate posts are written. When my boyfriend told me “You seem to love the thrill of being in a new city”, I knew he got me. This post on living life as an adventure no matter what your situation, is kind of my philosophy and lifestyle. I’m getting older now and a bit more stable in life, but I will always try to live my life as an adventure whether that be through travel or just making the most of the city I find myself in. On a Personal Note.. is more of a different post. Occasionally I will talk about my past with my mother and siblings, which is a rocky one. And this post will give you some insight into why and how I deal with it. On Love and Hate is the philosophy behind so many of my decisions. I am a huge lover and I’m incredibly optimistic, which some people can say is just youthful idealism. But I think this post pretty sufficiently explains my thoughts on that! When I moved to Seattle in 2011 to spend some time alone anonymously in a new city and have my Eat, Pray, Love moment, I wrote this post just after I landed. It’s good insight into how I was feeling at the time and into why I chose Seattle. I wrote Trials during my journey in Seattle, realizing that sometimes you learn lessons you never set out to learn. But those lessons are the ones I still carry with me and fight daily to continue using. This was my New Year post in 2012, in which I listed all the things about myself that I vowed to never change for anyone again. I had started dating again after a divorce and was learning how to balance being myself with how to be someone’s girlfriend. I wrote a few weeks later about the love story of my Grandparents. This story has inspired me for some time and I wanted to have it down on paper to hopefully inspire others! Mean Girls is the letter I would write to myself at 15, just emerging into young adulthood and completely confused about life and how to live it. Red is symbolism of a new me after a long transition. It was very therapeutic, as most of my posts are, in getting out into words exactly how I feel about myself these days. And one of my favorites was posting the Blanche MacDonald post. It was the first fashion show I got to cover and it was such a blast!

So, check some of these out and if you like what you see, I’d encourage you to enter your email address and subscribe to the right for free updates from yours truly! And more than anything, thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your time here! :)

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