Katie. Or Kate. Because of the intimate nature of some of my letters, I’m going by the name my Dad’s called me since I was born, which is Katie. But you can call me either! :)

Hairstylist. Writer. Reader. Northwest Native. Fashion Enthusiast.

I believe that life is a beautiful journey where dreams are big, lessons are learned, and laughter is mandatory. Or nothing at all.

I spend my days helping women fall in love with their reflections through my passion of dressing hair and I spend my nights putting out content on this site through my passion of the written word. I have a love affair with the beach, red wine, running, hiking, traveling, mountains, reading, writing, the beauty industry, and the Creator of it all. Oh, and fresh flowers. And bright lipstick… Really, there are too many things to list! Can you tell why I sign my letters with “love” yet? ;)

I live in Denver, CO with my amazing boyfriend and we like to spend our time finding the best food in the city to supplement the delicious seafood we are missing since moving from Vancouver. If you have suggestions, feel free to let me know! :)




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