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Girl Walks Into a Church

Today was the first Easter in my entire life that I walked into a church alone. I’ve gotten used to doing things by myself, but there’s still something so uncomfortable for me about walking into a new church by myself. Especially on Easter.

I woke up, styled my hair, and put on a fun, spring dress. I stalled for as long as I possibly could, questioning whether I should even go. Maybe I should just stick with my normal routine and watch the sermon online? But alas, I decided to press on and make myself drive to the church. Pulling up, I noticed that everyone was more dressed up like I was, so I started to feel a little more comfortable. I sat in my car for a couple minutes watching everyone walk in and then opened the car door, let out a sigh and headed in. Here we go…

Walking up to the building, I could already hear the music playing. Perfect timing! I would be able to secure a seat in the very back and everyone would be singing and focused on what was going on rather than looking at the new girl. At the front door, there was a woman standing to the right greeting. I put a smile on and walked up to her to say good morning and take my program. But as I looked up to smile at her, I noticed she seemed to be looking me up and down with somewhat of a frown on her face. Whatever, I’m sure I imagined it. I kept walking and smiling. When I got close enough to her to shake her hand, though, she did the same thing and very obviously looked at my bare legs, frowned, and sternly said “Happy Easter”. Now, usually something like this wouldn’t affect me so much. I can pretty easily let things like that roll off my back. But being a divorced young woman walking into a new church alone, I was a little more emotional than usual. Needless to say, I was crushed.

I stepped through the door holding my program and for a brief few seconds, I just stood there. I was trying to hold back tears and questioning whether I should just turn around and walk out. But when I looked up to turn around and walk out, I saw an older woman standing behind her walker with her arms opened toward me. I just stood there, confused. I obviously had never met her and wasn’t sure if she was trying to hug me or was just making a grand gesture with her hands. Her eyes met mine and she smiled right into my soul as she very quietly said, “Come give me a hug!” I embraced this woman I’d just met and when I pulled away, she continued to look at me with the same intensely loving stare and said, “Happy Easter, sweetheart! I hope you enjoy the weather today!” I wished her the same and headed into the sanctuary for the service. Now I was trying to hold back tears once again, but for vastly different reasons.

That woman probably has no idea that she made my day, but she did. Just a simple hug and a smile spoke to me that I was wanted in her church, and that someone in that church understood what it meant to imitate Jesus. I will never forget that moment.

There’s a quote I heard recently that says, “Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle”. Today was a huge lesson to me to remember kindness. Everyone that I walk past on the street, everyone that sits down in my chair at the salon, everyone that I sit next to on the bus home, everyone that I come across in my day.. we are all living out our crazy lives and facing them as best as we can. Some days are hard and some days are fantastic. But all days can become even better by passing on love and kindness. You never know when you just might make someone’s day…



3 thoughts on “Girl Walks Into a Church

  1. There are those who can love all and those who only love themselves :) I hope you can find yourself in the first category no matter how you feel. Here is another hug friend– sounds like you could use a few ♥ ♥.

  2. This is such a beautiful story! It made me tear up a little bit. There are so many unpleasant people in this world, which while depressing on its own, only makes wonderful people like that kind old woman all the more amazing!

    It was so wonderful to meet you at Mane! =D Can’t wait to come back for the full treatment!

  3. What a sweet woman! That made my heart smile just reading about it. Exactly what you needed at the exact right time- God is good!
    PS- I will try and hold my tongue when it comes to my thoughts about the first woman!
    Love you girl!
    Another PS- Is it just me or is there something like really important missing from your picture?? ;)

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