I believe one of the most essential duties in life is giving. This has been on my mind the last month as I start planning for what my life will look like in a new city. I would like to make whatever sized mark I will have in this place a good one. I want to do in Seattle what my Dad does in Boise. I want to not just feed the homeless, but befriend them and share my life through genuine connection. I want to not just speak about peace and reconciliation, but I want to be the force that brings it. And I want to not just love people and the city around me out of duty, but because my heart is one with those who hurt and their pain is my own. I want to be someone who loves in a really big way.

When I first decided to begin training as a hairstylist, I had very big dreams. They still lay deep in my heart, waiting to be fulfilled. I want to use my knowledge and skill in a unique way, to empower women who have found themselves in hard times and are unable to find help. I dream of opening an organization that would utilize the skills of talented colorists and hair designers volunteering their time and energy. We would work with unemployed women, those on welfare, women at various shelters. Any woman who doesn’t have the means to pay for these beauty treatments, but needs a little pampering and attention. I believe what hairstylists do, sometimes even just giving touch to someone who doesn’t get affection, is a very powerful thing. And if we can use this talent that is superficial to so many, but very beautiful to someone who doesn’t get to experience it, we would be doing what we can with what we have. Simply with a will to do so with the knowledge and skill God has given us. I can see myself starting this organization in my future and loving my community with this dream of mine. And I can see God bringing the perfect people at the perfect time. Every time my life situation changes, I wonder if the time is coming for me to start fulfilling this dream and I find myself in the same spot now.

So I am waiting for God to keep molding me, giving me opportunities for better education and training, and acquiring business experience. And in the meantime, I will find ways to love my new community well in the ways I know how. Sometimes that looks like opening an organization and giving on a broad scale, and sometimes that looks like intentionally making friends with my server or bus driver and loving them by being a friend. No matter what scale, I believe we are part of making the world better by loving well. And starting this Sunday, I intend to begin loving well in my new home, through whatever means I am given.



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