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On Love and Hate

There is no room for hate in love. What do you think of when I say these words together? Christian and gay. America and Osama bin Laden. Israel and Palestine. Democrats and Republicans. Hate and Hate. There is no room in love for hate and if we choose to cling to hate, the kind that often takes form in prejudice, slandering, and bitter envy, it is ourselves and the future generations that we hold back.

Can you imagine what our world would look like if the Palestinians and Israelis had ended their war thirty years ago? Or what if instead of seeking vengeance after September 11th and heading into Iraq, we as American’s chose to stand up and say “we forgive you”? What if in the 1980s Christians decided not to fear gays or blame the AIDS outbreak on their relations, but instead held out their arms and said “we love you”? On election day 2008, what if republicans stopped questioning a birthplace or cared what Barack Obama’s religion was and instead rose up and said “we will support you as our new leader”? Or turn this around… what would the Civil Rights Movement look like if Dr. King wasn’t a strong proponent of nonviolence?

These things could have shaped the course of history significantly in a different way. In this day in age, I’m starting to see lots of people rise up and question the status quo. Most of us have watched our own parents fight and drag each other to court. We are scarred with the hate that manifests itself as bitterness in those we love the most. And we fight hate daily because we know we have to; we are not exceptional to its’ pull. But we are wondering where it’s gotten us to hate our enemies. There’s a reason why justice doesn’t feel good, we say. It doesn’t feel good because we aren’t on earth to bring justice. There is one Mighty Ruler who will bring justice and we are not Him. Jesus Christ Himself said in John 3 that even He didn’t come to condemn the world. So, are we then called to? What if we decided to try to imitate Him and pour out all of our love instead?

There is no room for hate in love. But in our world, there is plenty of need for love. And friendship. And forgiveness. And breaking down barriers. And giving flowers to friends. And buying lunch for a stranger. And staying with our spouses. And opening our arms for embraces. And taking care of our parents. And loving. Though the actions we commit might or might not shape the world’s history, our actions will most definitely affect our children’s lives and the legacy at which their family has continued. They will speak to people we will never meet. And hopefully they will speak firmly for love. How will you speak for love in this world?



2 thoughts on “On Love and Hate

  1. Nice post Kate. This is written from an optimistic and idealistic perspective– coming from someone who has “been through the wringer” in some important life situations it is refreshing. It also sounds like some of what your parents generation was/is trying to achieve. Keep on with your dreams and hopes for this world of ours. It will take many, many more to take “hate” out of the meaning of love to make this world a more inviting and positively exciting place to be : )

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